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Automated Truck Frequently Asked Questions

About Automated Trash Service
What is an automated side load (ASL) truck?

An ASL truck is a type of truck used to pick up trash and recycling. The opening for materials is on the side of the truck. The truck only has one driver, and the driver uses a joystick inside the truck to control a mechanical arm that empties carts.

Why are you changing my route to an ASL truck?
The most important reasons are safety and injury prevention. Using the automated truck helps prevent injuries and helps keep our drivers safer since they spend less time in the road. Another bonus is more efficient service.
Do I have to use the cart?
  • Please use the cart(s) that we provide. It will help us collect your trash in a safer, more efficient way.
  • Please breakdown all cardboard boxes and place them inside the cart.
  • Please remove any straps or locking mechanisms used to secure the lid shut, on your service day.
  • Please do not place trash on top of the cart once the lid is closed, to help prevent spillage.
Will I still be able to put out extra bags with a new truck?

Yes. Please call 903-839-1800 to schedule additional bags 24hrs in advance. Please keep in mind that it is more difficult to lift them into the ASL truck and there is only one driver to do it. Please package any loose material appropriately and make sure it is of a size and weight that can safely be lifted by one person.

Will I still be able to dispose of bulk items like furniture and appliances?

Yes, but these items may need to be picked up with a different truck. Please call 903-839-1800 and we will let you know of any special instructions.

Does it matter how I place my cart at the street? What will happen if I do not do it correctly?

It really does matter. Please place your cart with handles and wheels facing the house, not the street. Carts should be placed within 3 feet of the street.
If you do not place your cart correctly, we will not be able pick up your trash. Placing the cart incorrectly will make it a lot more difficult. For example, if your cart is facing the wrong way, it will be more difficult for the mechanical arm to set your cart down upright and for the lid to close automatically.

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